How do I troubleshoot insufficient capacity error when launching my Amazon SageMaker resources?

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I'm getting the Insufficient Capacity error when I'm trying to launch one of the following Amazon SageMaker resources:

Training job Batch transform job Endpoint Notebook instance SageMaker Studio App


This error occurs when AWS doesn't have enough available on-demand capacity for an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance type within a specific Region or Availability Zone to complete your request. Note that capacity isn't static and varies depending on the time of day and workloads in a particular Region or Availability Zone. This error doesn't result from resource limits that are applied to your account. Because capacity issues are transient, be sure to retry your request when you get these errors.

If you need the instance immediately, do the following:

  • Switch to a different instance type. Switch to a different instance size in the same family, or use a different instance family based on your workload. A different instance type might have more capacity.
  • Launch the resource in a different Region. Be sure to verify the SageMaker instance types that are available in each Region.

If your request can be delayed, try at a later time to check whether your desired instance is available.

Based on the SageMaker resource that you're trying to launch, you can also try the following approaches:

  • If you're launching the SageMaker Studio App, it's a best practice to launch the SageMaker Studio domain with subnets that cover wider Availability Zones. Configuring the resource with subnets that span out in multiple Availability Zones minimizes the possibility of experiencing capacity issues.
  • If you're launching a notebook instance or training job, consider launching the instance with the same instance type while specifying different subnets in different Availability Zones.

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