How do I troubleshoot common notebook scheduling issues in SageMaker Studio?

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I get errors when I schedule a notebook job in Amazon SageMaker Studio.


You might get one of the following errors when you schedule a notebook job in SageMaker Studio:

  • Unexpected error occurred during creation of job
  • Access Denied

Unexpected error occurred during creation of job

You get this error when you launch the SageMaker Studio domain in VPC Only mode without internet access. When you create a scheduled notebook job, the scheduler tries to infer a set of default choices and automatically populates the pop-up form. When you use SageMaker Studio, you can submit an on-demand job without specifying any settings. You can also submit a scheduled notebook job definition with only time-specific scheduling information. However, if your planned job requires specialized parameters, then you can customize additional fields.

To troubleshoot this error when you work with a SageMaker Studio notebook job in VPC Only mode, check the following configurations:

  • Verify that the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) gateway endpoint and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) endpoint are attached to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). This helps to populate the parameters in the Additional options section.
  • Verify that the Amazon EventBridge endpoint is attached to Amazon VPC. This is required because job schedules use EventBridge rules to manage schedules and triggers.

Access Denied

If you get an Access Denied error, then make sure that the proper trust policy and permissions are attached to your SageMaker execution role.

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