Can I schedule my Savings Plan to renew automatically?

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I have a Savings Plan that expires soon. Can I schedule my Savings Plan to renew automatically?


You can queue your Savings Plan purchases for a specific date and time in the future. To renew your Savings Plans automatically, you can queue a Saving Plans purchase for the date and time that your existing Saving Plan expires. On the scheduled date and time, AWS automatically purchases the Savings Plan for you using your account's default payment method. For instructions, see Queuing a Savings Plan purchase on the Cart page.

To view owned Savings Plans and when they expire, check the AWS Cost Management console, then choose Inventory, located under Savings Plans in the navigation pane.

You can also set Savings Plans alerts to remind you when your Savings Plans are about to expire. However, Savings Plan alerts don't automatically renew or purchase Savings Plans for you. You can queue your Savings Plans purchases to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

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