How do I register a 10DLC campaign?

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I want to register a 10DLC campaign to start using my 10DLC phone number.


Note: If you don't send text messages to recipients in the United States, then 10DLC doesn't apply to you.

Set up a 10DLC phone number

Important: After you complete the steps in this section, you're charged for registering or modifying both your company and your use case. You can't reverse these registration charges.

Register your company brand

When you register your company, you provide your company details to The Campaign Registry (TCR), an industry organization that collects 10DLC registration information. Phone carriers use this data to determine the trustworthiness of your use cases. The details that you provide determine the throughput capabilities of your 10DLC phone number. Make sure that the information that you provide is accurate. Company approvals are usually granted instantly.

You incur a one-time registration fee for every company that you register. You can find the registration fee on the Registration page. If you receive an Unverified status after registering, then modify your company registration details. For more information, see Editing or deleting a registered company. If you receive a Verified status, then the registration details that you provided are accurate.

Register 10DLC campaigns

Register your 10DLC campaigns. A 10DLC campaign is a use case or set of closely related use cases. A use case describes how you plan to use the 10DLC phone number. Amazon Pinpoint sends this information to TCR. Phone carriers use this information to determine whether traffic that they might see from a certain phone number is legitimate. Campaigns that are associated with common, low-risk use cases are typically approved in about a week.

In addition to the one-time registration fee, you pay a monthly fee for each 10DLC phone number that you register. If you're 10DLC campaign is low volume, then you pay a lower monthly fee. 

To start the process, submit the registration. Review the status of your request on the 10DLC campaigns tab. If your 10DLC campaign isn't approved, then see 10DLC campaign registration rejection reasons. Modify the existing campaign to address the issue, and then resubmit.

Note: To submit a request for information about a rejected 10DLC campaign, open a case with AWS Support.

Associate phone numbers with your 10DLC campaign

After getting approved, request a new phone number, or associate an existing 10DLC phone number with your 10DLC campaign. Following registration, you can use the number as a valid origination ID to send text messages using Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS).

You also incur a monthly fee to lease the 10DLC phone number.

Note: If you no longer need the long codes that are associated with your 10DLC campaign registration, then you can delete them. If you delete a long code, then you're no longer charged the monthly lease charge. However, you're still charged the recurring 10DLC campaign registration fee, unless you also delete your 10DLC campaign.

Considerations when applying for a 10DLC phone number

  • Phone carriers use your company information and use case details to calculate a trust score to determine the capabilities of the 10DLC phone number. To stay within the phone carrier's daily and per-second limits, carefully manage your messaging program when using a 10DLC phone number.
  • If your throughput exceeds the phone carrier's limits, then vet your 10DLC registration. Note that vetting scores aren't applied retroactively. If you already created a 10DLC campaign, and then vet your company registration, your vetting score isn't applied to your existing campaign.
  • If you're sending a large number of text messages in a short amount of time (high throughput and high deliverability), then use short codes.
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