Why is my Storage Gateway gateway showing as offline?

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The AWS Storage Gateway console is showing that my gateway is offline. Why is my gateway offline? How can I bring my gateway back online?


Your gateway might be showing as offline for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The gateway can't reach the Storage Gateway service endpoints.
  • The gateway had an unexpected shutdown.
  • The gateway has an associated cache disk that is disconnected, has been modified, or has failed.

To bring your gateway back online, identify and resolve the issue that caused your gateway to go offline:

Check the associated firewall or proxy

If you configured your gateway to use a proxy, or you placed your gateway behind a firewall, then review the access rules of the proxy or firewall. The proxy or firewall must allow traffic to and from the network ports and service endpoints required by Storage Gateway.

Check for an SSL or deep-packet inspection being done on your gateway's traffic

If there's an ongoing SSL or deep-packet inspection on the network traffic between your gateway and AWS, then your gateway might not be able to communicate with the required service endpoints. To bring your gateway back online, you must disable the inspection.

For a file gateway, check the IOWaitPercent metric after a reboot or software update

After a reboot or software update, check to see if your file gateway's IOWaitPercent metric is at 10 or greater. This might mean that your file gateway is slow to respond as it rebuilds the index cache to RAM.

Check for a power outage or hardware failure on the hypervisor host

A power outage or hardware failure on the hypervisor host of your gateway can cause your gateway to shut down unexpectedly and become unreachable. After you restore the power and network connectivity, your gateway will become reachable again.

After your gateway is back online, be sure to take steps to recover your data.

Check for issues with an associated cache disk

Your gateway can go offline if at least one of the cache disks associated with your gateway was removed, changed, or resized, or if it is corrupted.

If a working cache disk was removed from the hypervisor host, then you can:

  1. Shut down the gateway.
  2. Re-add the disk.
  3. Restart the gateway.

Note: Be sure to add the disk to the same disk node.

If a cache disk is corrupted, was replaced, or was resized, then you must:

  1. Shut down the gateway.
  2. Reset the cache disk.
  3. Reconfigure the disk for cache storage.
  4. Restart the gateway.

For more information on troubleshooting a corrupted cache disk for a tape gateway, see You need to recover a virtual tape from a malfunctioning cache disk.

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