How can I view support cases from multiple AWS accounts in a single view?

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I want to display cases from multiple AWS accounts in the same view in the AWS Support Center Console. Or I want to see cases from multiple AWS accounts in the response structure of an API call.


Currently, it isn't possible to view cases from multiple accounts at the same time using the Support Center Console. This applies whether you want to view cases from accounts within the same AWS Organizations organization as your account or cases from other accounts.

The Support Center Console doesn't offer filter parameters that allow you to customize the Case history in the account that you're viewing cases from. Instead, the case list is determined from a single signed in user account. The console provides filters to refine this list based on case attributes.

Similarly, you can't use an API or SDK to return cases from multiple accounts or organizations. The relevant API for fetching and detailing cases is DescribeCases. This API offers two parameters to filter the cases it returns, caseIdList and displayId. Both parameters require that you specify valid IDs for cases in the same account as the credentials that you use to sign the request. If you try to use case IDs from other accounts, then the API validation fails.

Consider making multiple API calls to the AWS Support API service. Then, render the results in a custom manner. AWS Systems Manager Explorer provides a feature to aggregate cases from multiple accounts. For more information on implementing this feature, see Centralized view of support cases opened from multiple AWS accounts using AWS Systems Manager. Or, you can use this custom solution that uses multiple AWS services, including AWS CloudTrail.

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