How do I troubleshoot errors in the Amazon EventBridge Scheduler?

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I want to troubleshoot errors in the Amazon EventBridge Scheduler.


Use the following information to help you diagnose and fix these common errors related to your Amazon EventBridge Scheduler.

Amazon EventBridge Scheduler lacks the necessary permissions to run

Verify that the role that you selected allows the Amazon EventBridge Scheduler service to assume the role. Make sure that you have the proper permissions to invoke the service.

Review your role as follows:

  1. Open the Amazon EventBridge console.
  2. Choose Schedules.
  3. Select the schedule that's prompting the error.
  4. Choose the Target tab.
  5. Select the Execution role. This selection takes you to the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role.
  6. Navigate to the Trust relationships tab. Verify that the service "" is set as the Principal. Check that the Action is set to "sts:AssumeRole." For more information on trust policy, see Set up the execution role.

The Scheduler ran but the target failed to invoke

Use Amazon CloudWatch to review your Amazon EventBridge Scheduler. This section displays metrics related to your schedule, such as InvocationAttemptCount, TargetErrorCount, and more.

You can also set up a dead-letter queue (DLQ) that provides a JSON payload with invocation details. The details display the response received from the target to an Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) standard queue that you specify.

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