Why can't I access a VPC to launch my Amazon Redshift cluster?

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I want to launch an Amazon Redshift cluster in a specific Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). However, I can't access my VPC from the dropdown list.

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You might not be able to select and access your VPC for the following reasons:

  • The VPC doesn't exist in the same AWS Region where you're trying to create your Amazon Redshift cluster in.
  • The VPC isn't associated with a cluster subnet group.


To access your VPC in Amazon Redshift, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a VPC in the same Region where you want to launch an Amazon Redshift cluster.
  2. Create a cluster subnet group.
    Note: To improve fault tolerance, it's a best practice to create a cluster subnet group with two or more subnets from different Availability Zones. However, all the nodes in a cluster must be in the same Availability Zone.
  3. Launch an Amazon Redshift cluster into the VPC. In the Additional configurations section, switch off Use defaults. Then, choose the VPC that you want from the dropdown list.

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