How do I troubleshoot stopped traffic when the network configuration hasn't changed in Amazon VPC?

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I want to troubleshoot stopped traffic when my network configuration hasn’t changed in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

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To see why traffic is stopped because of port block, check the following:

Also, ports in your Amazon VPC might be blocked with this error:

"Port block due to abuse report. If your resource is implicated in a security activity, your ports will be blocked."


To resolve your blocked port, complete these tasks:

  • Check AWS Health Dashboard for abuse alerts and complete the steps provided in the alert to resolve your blocked port. If the abuse report issue isn't resolved, then the ports for that account in that Region are blocked.
  • Check your email for a notification from Review the abuse notice to see what content or activity was reported. The AWS Trust & Safety team sends abuse reports to your account's security point of contact. Make sure that you reply to the notification and explain how you plan to prevent the abuse activity in the future.

Note: If you don't respond to an abuse report within 24 hours, then AWS might block your resources or suspend your AWS account. For more information, see What do I do when I receive an abuse report from AWS about my resources?

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