How do I create a new Windows WorkSpace image with a client language other than English?

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I set the source WorkSpace language settings in Amazon WorkSpaces to a language other than English. Then, I created an image from that WorkSpace. When I launch a new WorkSpace from the resulting image bundle, the language reverts to English (US). How can I set the client language for my WorkSpace to use a different language?


WorkSpaces bundles that provide the Windows 10 desktop experience support English (US), French (Canadian), Korean, and Japanese. You can also download and install language packs for Windows directly from Microsoft. WorkSpaces client applications support English (US), German, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, French (Canadian), Korean, and Portuguese.

To successfully configure a different language for a WorkSpace image, you must modify the Sysprep language parameters before you create the image.

  1. From the source WorkSpace, modify the language parameters in a specified XML file. For a WorkSpace without bring your own license (BYOL), the file path is C:\ProgramData\Amazon\EC2-Windows\Launch\Sysprep\unattend.xml. For a BYOL WorkSpace, the file path is C:\Program Files\Amazon\Ec2ConfigService\sysprep2008.xml.
    The language parameters are:
  2. Replace en-US with the language/region tag for your chosen language. (For example, enter de-DE for German). For a complete list of available languages and the associated language/region tag, see Available languages for Windows on the Microsoft website.
  3. Create a custom WorkSpace image and bundle from the source WorkSpace. When you launch a new WorkSpace from the resulting image bundle, the WorkSpace is set to your chosen language.

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