RDS Blue/Green Deployment Stuck in Provisioning State



I'm working on a task to upgrade RDS MySQL 5.7.44 to 8.0.36 using Blue/Green deployment I've tried the task on a staging DB with less storage & specs and without read replica & Multi-AZ and it was done smoothly without any problems.

I've tried the same solution on the production DB which has higher specs, more storage, read replica, and Multi-AZ But this time there was an additional step, which was the Storage filesystem configuration upgrade. After several hours the Green topology was created and the primary, read replica, Multi-AZ (of the Green) created and the primary and replica were in the 'Available' state.

The issue that is the deployment itself is stuck in the provisioning state, so I can't do a switch over After 4 hours of waiting I can't see any progress or new events The only thing I see is 'Provisioning', and Green topology creation -> In progress in the status page

I read a comment on a similar issue that said that I should delete the read replica of the Blue topology and create the deployment again, is it really the solution!!! I don't prefer it because I need to make the app available as much as I can.

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It seems the blue-green deployment is stuck in the provisioning state due to the additional storage filesystem configuration upgrade step required for the production database. Isn't it ?

Check the AWS RDS dashboard or CLI for any errors or warnings during the provisioning process that may indicate issues with the storage upgrade.

Verify that sufficient storage is available on the target instance class to complete the storage migration. A larger instance type may be needed.

Monitor CloudWatch metrics and logs for the RDS instances to look for any spikes in CPU, memory, or I/O that could slow down the provisioning.

Contact AWS Support for assistance troubleshooting further if no obvious errors are found. They may be able to check the state on the backend.

As a workaround, try performing the blue-green deployment again without specifying the


option. Then test upgrades separately without involving the additional storage migration step.

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