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I had an AWS account with my personal email ID. Later when I joined an organization, that account was transferred to the organization. The root email was changed from personal email to company email. Now I have left my previous organization and now I want to create a new account for myself. When I try to sign in with my personal email, it says no account found but when I go to create a new account, it says "account already exists". This is happening for another account of mine as well (don't know why). I don't want to create a new personal email to create a new account. Rather I'd want to use one of the two accounts. Moreover, since I am not able to login, I am not able to raise any support ticket.

How can I remove all association with my personal email ID so that I can create a new account?

-Thanks Nikhil

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I understand the problem here and since there is a linkage of your personal email with organization account, which is why it's giving you these errors.

Since you can't login to AWS account, so you can't log support case from console but you can still contact to AWS. Use this Billing and Account Support form from here(even if you don't have access to AWS account) and provide as much details as you can. They may ask additional questions but you would get support from AWS to get this resolved.

Lastly, when you have the requirement to create multiple accounts but don't wan't to create multiple emails, then always use this:

Let's say your email is myemail@gmai.com

Then create accounts with following syntax:

Account-1: myemail+dev@gmail.com

Account-2: myemail+qa@gmail.com



so on..

I'm sure, you'd have already gone through these documents, but mentioning here for reference before you reach out to support using above mentioned link:

Troubleshoot Forgot Password

Troubleshoot Lost Email

Hope you find this information useful.

Comment here if you have additional questions.


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Thank you for the response. I have submitted my issue using the above form. Also thanks for the hattip about the email syntax. Let me try with that.

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I was able to create a new account with the email hack. Thanks for your help.

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