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Hello All, Regarding AWS workspaces. After authentication, I know that the streaming takes place via the streaming gateway, through the internet.

we have an on-premise connection to AWS using Direct connect.

users are using the workspace client to connect to the workspace instances. Can we change the routing of the streaming to use the Direct connect instead of the public internet ? so that the connection is between the client and the workspace via direct connect ?

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Hi, The use of a public virtual interface (VIF) provides access to the WorkSpaces service for streaming traffic. Using a public VIF to transport WorkSpaces streaming traffic offers a reliable network transport option for users accessing WorkSpaces from an on-premises network. This provides a consistent user experience by mitigating common network connection issues like latency and packet loss. That a look at how you create Direct connect Public VIF and what the requirements are such Peering IPs etc

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  • In shameless self-promotion, an explanation of Public VIF on Direct Connect:

  • as far as I understand, the Workspaces instance has a public IP assigned to its management interface, How can I force the streaming traffic to use Direct connect public VIF ? Sorry but I did not work on Direct connect before so I have little knowledge in this part

  • Packets are routed on the network via the "best" path - which is usually the shortest (i.e. least number of other networks between the source and destination). By using a Public VIF you are normally creating a shorter path between your network and AWS. A Public VIF uses public IP addresses so basically it becomes a shortcut "around" the internet for AWS-specific IP addresses.

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