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I just checked the boxes for more historical and granular data in the Cost Management Preferences but I see this message "Disabling: Your data will be disabled by 11/30/23, 1 PM CT. You won't be charged during this time." I don't want to be charged for any additional history and I was careful to avoid anything that mentioned an extra cost. How can I find out if I accidentally clicked on something that is going to have a cost associated?

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The Historical and granular data settings at monthly and daily granularity don't incur charges. Only the hourly granularity options is charged.

If you wish to calculate and estimated monthly cost for the hourly granularity feature, when you check the boxes Cost and usage data for all AWS services at hourly granularity (without resource-level data)* and EC2-Instances (Elastic Compute Cloud - Compute) resource-level data* the Estimated monthly usage summary section will show the Total hourly usage records, you can then you can go to Pricing Calculator and insert the total hourly usage records into the Number of UsageRecords per month field and it will show you the estimated monthly cost for it.

If you wish to check on Cost Explorer if your account was being charged for the hourly granularity feature, use the following report parameters:

  • Group by: Usage type
  • Filters:
    • Service: Cost Explorer
    • Usage type: USE1-CostDataStorage

If you were charged by the hourly feature, it will show the cost and the amount of usage records.

Vitor B
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  • I see where to group by USAGE TYPE but COST EXPLORER is not listed under SERVICE filter ... also USAGE TYPE just spins and does not even provide a list of options

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