Disable Elastic Load Balancing And Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Instances


How can I disable Elastic Load Balancing And Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Instances ?

I have tried and checked that any instance is configured for these services. But, did not find. Can anyone please suggest - "Where will I go and terminate instances of Elastic Load Balancing and Amazon Elastic Compute Clouds?".

I am getting charged for using of these services.

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If you log into the AWS console, under the EC2 service you can find your EC2 and ELB instances. You may be looking in the wrong Region. If you have trouble working out the right Region you can go to the Cost Explorer service to see what region the charges are coming from.

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  • If AWS is charging for "Key Pairs" service then I accept. But there is not any instance present. I saw the region section in Cost Explorer. I have seen there is one option - "No region" and "Asia Pacific" where the cost is shown. Now, I have checked "Asia Pacific" and one "Key Pairs" service is shown there. Now which is default or No region in AWS ? It is not Global.

  • Tried to delete all services and its VPCs. Paid current bill. Let's see what happens next time.

  • There's no charge for key pairs, though if actively using them you may have API charges. You said in your question you're being charged specifically for EC2 and ELB instances - how do you know this? You can use Cost Explorer to get a full breakdown of costs, and also see the Region. You mentioned "Asia Pacific" but there are many different Asia Pacific Regions - which one did Cost Explorer show charges for, and did you then look in the console for resources under that Region?


In addition to the above answers. It could help you to check "Bills" and then "Charges by services". To see in details click "Expand all" on the right. It will show you the services and the regions and amounts.

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