Can we use FSx for ONTAP as a storage of Amazon Nimble Studio?


Amazon Nimble Studio says that "During the StudioBuilder process of creating your studio, you created an Amazon FSx file system. ", but actually FSx for Windows and Lustre mentioned in the following guide.

For Media Workloads like isual effects (VFX), animation, and interactive content, FSx for ONTAP seems to work well for it's High Performance and Cost Efficiencies.

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I think it is possible to use it. We have an example of a movie creation using AWS Thinkbox Deadline and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. 1596049926768582656%7Ctwgr%5E116b8f5ac12e24f0452769e940bf1cd21d9c02fd%7Ctwcon%5Es1_& %2Farticles%2F2211%2F28%2Fnews131.html

AWS Thinkbox Deadline is a service provided by Amazon Nimble Studio.

As this is a case study response, we recommend that you get support and pre-build the system before actually using it.

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  • Yes, I am in Japan and know well the case of the one you put the link using EC2 for AWS Thinkbox Deadline and mount with FSx for ONTAP. But the Nimble Studio cannot choose FSx for ONTAP as an option of storage from the beginning of the release of it, and I sent the feature request for AWS support for this use case last August, but seems no progress in documentation at this moment.


Hi there, if you are looking for a high performance FSx option for Amazon Nimble Studio, i would leverage FSx for Lustre.

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  • Thank you for checking it. Yes, FSx for Lustre is an option, but I would like to ask for FSx for ONTAP. In addition to Cost Efficiencies(Tiering/Deduplication/Compression/Compaction) I mentioned above, Hight Availability(SLA 99.99%/SLA99.9% for Single/Multi AZ), Agility by Cloning(FlexClone) and other features available for it.

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