Intermittent Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND "domain name" Issue in applications hosted in EC2



I am facing an intermittent issue with a domain managed in AWS Route 53, where I occasionally receive the error: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND [my domain name]. This error seems to occur sporadically and is causing significant disruptions to my application's connectivity and reliability. My applications are in EC2

  1. Has anyone else encountered intermittent getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND errors with domains managed in Route 53? If so, how did you diagnose and resolve the issue?

  2. Are there known limitations or issues with Route 53 that could lead to sporadic DNS resolution failures?

  3. Can specific AWS configurations or network setups exacerbate this problem, and are there best practices to mitigate such DNS resolution errors?

I will appreciate any tools or methodologies recommended for tracing and resolving intermittent DNS issues in an AWS environment.

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Errors in resolving hostnames can be dependent on the languages and libraries that are in between your code and the DNS server. A related post can be found for code running in Lambda:

Can you share more detail about the language and libraries being used? And is this part of an HTTP call from your code?

Its unlikely but possible that too many DNS queries are being submitted and your EC2 is being throttled. To determine if this is the case see the following post which outlines how to troubleshoot:

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Route53 as service does not have any issues reported, so the issue might be related to the route53 configuration or the ec2 instance.

From route53/DNS point of view, there are multiple reasons which can lead to intermittent DNS resolution such as below:

  1. Misconfigured name servers at the registrar
  2. Altered name servers at the hosted zone
  3. Client's DNS resolver can't resolve the domain
  4. Amazon-provided DNS server throttling the DNS queries
  5. The domain URL resolves from the internet, but not from the EC2 instance

Please find below article which explains how to troubleshoot intermittent DNS failures:

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