Set the access permission of objects in S3 buckets


I have created objects in S3 buckets and created multiple folders under the objects. How do I control the access permissions of IAM users for these folders? How do I manage IAM user permissions if there are folders under folders? For example, IAM users have the permission to modify the files in that folder, can access that folder, can not access that folder, and so on, how to set the permission? Note: All are IAM users under the same AWS account. I just want to do something like NAS file permission management, thank you.

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I don't know how to layer folders for access.

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  • Not sure I understood what you meant by layer folders

  • It is the level one directory, level two directory, level three directory access and modify permission Settings.

  • Create separate folders and use policies for each based on how you want permissions to different users. You can create use groups, assign users to those groups and then attach policies to user groups

  • Because I used RaiDrive to connect to S3, the network drive disk was directly mapped to the root directory of S3 bucket, and I logged in with different IAM accounts on different computers. After all the data of the company was migrated to S3 bucket, I needed to check many folders (root directory, level 1 directory, level 2 directory, Assign permissions to different users or groups (add, delete, modify, search, etc.). I have tried IAM strategy, bucket strategy, access point, etc., and it doesn't seem to meet the demand, or do I not know how to do it?

  • Not sure where you are going wrong. You may have to figure out a way to achieve what you want to by experimenting or see if anyone else can throw more light on this.


You can check NirvaShare - With that, you can share file or folder level access to internal or external users with fine access control. Also easy to integrate with AWS SSO users with a group, etc.

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