AWS Location Service tag validation regex does not match documentation


I'm noticing an issue in some of my AWS accounts. The exact same request to create a place index succeeded in one account but is now failing in another. The failure is due to a tag key not matching the expected pattern, but the pattern reported in the error message does not match the restrictions mentioned in the Location Service API documentation (here) as well as the CloudFormation resource schema (here)

Here's the error message I get:

❯ aws location create-place-index --index-name test --data-source Esri --tags '{ "@foo-bar/hello-world": "test" }'

An error occurred (ValidationException) when calling the CreatePlaceIndex operation: 'Tags.@foo-bar/hello-world' must match regex ^[a-zA-Z+-=._:/]+$

The Location Service documentation's tag restrictions seem to align with AWS's general ones (here), but that pattern seems to not reflect this.

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Thanks for raising the concern. I'm with Amazon Location.

There seems to be a discrepancy between the documentation for the Location Service API and the CloudFormation resource schema documentation. The accurate pattern for the tag key is ^[a-zA-Z+-=._:/]+$, and it excludes the '@' character.

Both the Location Service API documentation and the error message correctly indicate the expected pattern. We will address this by updating the CloudFormation resource schema to align with the expected pattern.

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  • Vi, Thanks for replying. It would be great if Amazon Location could support @ and other characters referenced in AWS general tagging requirements. We have certain internal tagging conventions that have worked just fine across dozens of services up until now, so it seems like Amazon Location is well outside the norm of other AWS services when it comes to not supporting @ in tag keys.

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