I'm not using any resources in my AWS Free tier account, but still my free tier hours are being used daily.


I'm not using any resources in my AWS Free tier account, but still my free tier hours are being used daily. Below are the details of the usage am seeing in the free tier account. what is this usage? I stopped all the services instances and there is nothing on my account. Why free tier hours are still being used? what need to do to stop this?

Service - Amazon ElastiCache

AWS Free Tier usage limit - 750.0 Hrs for free for 12 months as part of AWS Free Usage Tier (Global-NodeUsage:cache.t1.micro)

current usage - 688 Hrs

Forcasted usage - 735 Hrs

The usage is increasing daily.

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From the contents, it seems that ElastiCache's global datastore is activated.
If you do not need the resource, try removing it by following the instructions in the following document.

If you cannot find the resource, try to find the active resource by following the procedure described in "Confirm that active resources are terminated" in the following document.

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Hi Ram, The Global-NodeUsage:cache.t1.micro free tier is the sum of all your cache.t1.micro usage across all regions. If you have stopped/terminated your ElastiCache instances but your free tier usage is still increasing then it's likely you have instances running in another region. The second link Riku provided (https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/check-for-active-resources) should be helpful in identifying what's driving this. The billing console has changed slightly since that article was written, however. Look for the section entitled "Amazon Web Services, Inc. charges by service" and expand the "ElastiCache" section. That will break down your usage by region, which should help you determine where your running instances are located.

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Check for ElastiCache across all Regions under Billing Dashboard->Free Tier. Take relevant action (remove/delete). Also check if there is any automation in place (e.g. CloudFormation) which is creating the cluster and consuming your free tier. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/awsaccountbilling/latest/aboutv2/avoid-charges-after-free-tier.html

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