Does pre-bundled NVMe add to existing ebs storage?


I already have a 30Gb ebs with the t2.micro instance on the free tier. If I provision a second instance like m5ad.large that comes bundled with 75 NVMe, would I be exceeding my 30GB free tier limit, or would it not count since its already pre-bundled with the instance?

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According to the provided information, if you deploy an m5ad.large instance, which includes 75GB of NVMe SSD storage by default, this storage allocation wouldn't be counted toward your 30GB EBS free tier limit. The EBS free tier specifically applies to additional EBS volumes that aren't bundled with EC2 instances. Therefore, the storage is integrated into the instance type, such as the 75GB in the case of an m5ad. large, isn't billed separately. It only utilizes your EBS free tier if you attach an extra EBS volume to the instance.


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EC2 Instances with NVMe Instance Store (usually with "d" letter in the family type) come with additional temporary block-level storage. This storage is "volatile" or "ephemeral", meaning that will be erased every time you stop/start the instance. It counts as additional storage beside your EBS volumes and it comes at no additional cost (Instance store it's included in the EC2 hourly cost), so it won't impact Free Tier.

More reference on Instance store and specific Instances:

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  • Thanks for sharing the vital information. I thought the data lasted as long as the instance was assigned to me and got deleted only on termination. But looks like even stopping an instance temporarily will erase the data.

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