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I'm trying to find the way to deploy the Hana database on specific subnet and application on separate private subnet but can't find the option on the Wizard. Maybe any customization on post deployment script can help me with that?.

Deployment model NW on HANA multi node SAP Central Services (ASCS/SCS) Server and Primary Application Server (PAS)

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Hello Joan,

While deploying SAP using LauchWizard for SAP you can provide an optional subnet while you select the VPC & Subnet . If you provide the two subnet for an AZ, it would use the optional subnet 2 for the DB in distributed/HA install.

"AZ1 and Subnets in AZ1 will be used to deploy Single AZ based deployments (Single/Multi/Distributed and Primary nodes of High Availability deployments) AZ2 and Subnets in AZ2 will be used to deploy Secondary/Standby systems in Multi AZ based deployments (High Availability deployment) Optional subnet if provided is used for deploying database instances in Distributed and HA pattern deployments by defualt. User can override and change the default suggestion and deploy the databases instances in the same subnet as the App servers. If optional subnets are not provided then by default Database instances are deployed in the same subnet as the application servers."

Best Regards Deep

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