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I have the need to move a database to cloud location so I'm settign up tests. I seem to have stepped beyond the Free Tier when it comes to attempting to setup a test MSSQL database in RDS. While I did, for a few days, have an MSSQL database up, it is now deleted but I'm still incurring charges for it.
While attempting to setup a VPN to it for basic access, the VPC setup went crazy with charges. I've since tried to remove everything I could find but the billing hasn't seem to have changed. Is there any global view that allows drill-down into what VPC's and RDS services are still getting billed so I can turn them off?

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You can search for active services by following the steps in the document below.

Also, by looking at your bill, you can see which services are being charged in which regions.
In the case of RDS instances, snapshots may remain even after deletion, so please check the snapshots.
When deleting, make sure that there are no snapshots left in the "Automated" tab as well as the "Manual" tab.

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  • I have gone through the steps in both those instruction links however, the services are still charging. The largest charges (daily) are VPC and RDS. I've checked the VPC console and terminated all resources in all regions. I've also removed all VPN endpoints. There should be no charge, yet the daily bill seems to not be changing. The same story with the RDS. There are no databases or snapshots (automatic or manual) in any regions yet charges are still accumulating.



You need also to use AWS Cost Explorer, it is a free product which gives you insight on your current costs. https://aws.amazon.com/aws-cost-management/aws-cost-explorer/?nc1=h_ls

Try filtering on "Dimension = Usage Type" and let us know the results here. We would be certainly able to pinpoint what's wrong. Thanks

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  • This could be helpful but I know the services that are the problem. It seems that the VPC are all from ClientVPNEndpoints in N. Cal but there are none when looking in the VPC console. Same story with RDS (except they are in Oregon). It seems the cost explorer is finding things that either don't exist or are not visible in the console.

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