AWS Glue "Glue Job Run Status" never fires


Good day. I'm trying to catch aws glue events using EventBridge. For this i use samples from . EvetBridge template: { "detail-type": ["Glue Job State Change", "Glue Job Run Status"], "source": ["aws.glue"], "detail": { "state": ["FAILED", "SUCCEEDED", "TIMEOUT", "STOPPED", "RUNNING", "STARTING", "STOPPING"] } } And "Glue Job State Change" event works properly, but "Glue Job Run Status" doesn't work at all. I have tried with different glue environment (python shell, spark) it didn't changed anything. I have changed EventBridge template to: { "source": ["aws.glue"] } It didn't helped also. Seems like "Glue Job Run Status" disabled and not working.

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Notice the comment for that kind of event in the documentation:
You must set the job delay notification threshold property to receive these events.
The notification threshold is in the job details.

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  • thank you, for your help. it did helped. i'm sorry, didn't pay enough attention for a documentation.

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