Connecting Power BI to Provisioned Redshift Cluster - Inbound Rule?



I am trying to establish a connection between my desktop version of Power BI and my Provisioned Redshift cluster in the London Region but I receive a timeout error.

My cluster is publicly accessible and I have been able to overcome the error temporarily by creating an inbound security group rule rule for all traffic. However, as the recommended action is to only allow access from known IP addresses, I was wondering if there is a specific IP address for Power BI in the UK? Or, is there another way that I should be establishing the connection to Power BI?


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Generally when you are using PowerBI Desktop, it will be the IP Address of your location. You can find your IP ( address from here and you can allow that on the security group on AWS.

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Hi, from the Security best practices perspective, it is not recommended to expose to the public your databases. This is a general rule applies also for your Amazon Redshift Cluster. Therefore I would recomand to setup a Microsoft on-premises data gateway to enable Power BI to communicate with data stores that are not accessible from the public internet. Than you can keep your Amazon Redshift Cluster inside a private subnet without exposing externally your databases. For that end please follow the go-through here : Enter image description here

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