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Hi AWS enthusiasist,

Recently, I have to prepare for my workload migration and when I read the MAP Funding Program , I have noticed some questions Firstly, what is Post-migration ARR meaning and how to calculate this value? Is this value a cost estimate in AWS Pricing Calculator? Could you please give me a practical example. How diffrent between Post Migration ARR and total project cost? Secondly, will the funding in each MAP phase be sent directly to Partner in cash Thridly, for instance, according to the MAP Funding Program, in the Assess phase if the Partner calculate Post-Migration ARR is greater than 500K then they receive $60,000 when complete the Assess phase. However, when Partner do the Mobilize phase and if they re-calculate the Post Migration ARR and this value is less than 500K, so would happen?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, Steven

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Hello Steven,

The MAP Funding Program, or the Migration Acceleration Program, is an AWS program designed to help customers migrate workloads to AWS by providing financial incentives to AWS Partners who assist with the migration. Let's address your questions:

  1. Post-migration ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue):

    • Definition: Post-migration ARR refers to the expected annual revenue that a customer will generate on AWS after completing the migration. It represents the revenue that AWS expects to receive from the customer's usage of AWS services.

    • Calculation: The calculation can vary depending on the nature of the workload and the services used on AWS. Typically, it involves estimating the cost of AWS services the customer is likely to use annually after migration. It is not a direct cost estimate in the AWS Pricing Calculator, but it's related to the expected usage and costs on AWS.

    • Example: Suppose a customer is migrating a web application to AWS. After migration, they are expected to use AWS EC2 instances, Amazon RDS for database, and other services. The Post-migration ARR would be an estimate of the annual cost for these services based on the expected usage and pricing.

    • Difference from Total Project Cost: The Total Project Cost includes all expenses associated with the migration, such as consulting fees, training costs, and any other expenses. Post-migration ARR focuses specifically on the expected revenue generated on AWS after migration.

  2. Funding Disbursement:

    • Funding for each phase of the MAP program is typically provided to the AWS Partner, not in cash, but in the form of credits that can be used for AWS services. These credits are intended to help offset the costs associated with the migration project.
  3. Re-calculating Post-Migration ARR:

    • In the Assess phase, if the Partner calculates a Post-Migration ARR greater than 500K, they receive $60,000 upon completing the phase.

    • If, during the Mobilize phase, the Partner re-calculates the Post-Migration ARR and it is less than 500K, it typically does not result in a clawback of the funding received during the Assess phase. However, it might affect the funding for subsequent phases. It's essential to review the specific terms and conditions of the MAP Funding Program, as they can vary.

Keep in mind that the MAP Funding Program terms and conditions may change over time, and it's important to consult with AWS representatives or review the official program documentation for the most up-to-date information and details specific to your situation.

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  • Thank you so much Gabriel, your answer is super clear!

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