[AWS Transfer Family] file transfer OUT OF AWS storage services


From customize-file-delivery-notifications-using-aws-transfer-family-managed-workflows blog, it reads AWS Transfer Family is a secure transfer service that enables you to transfer files into and out of AWS storage services.

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Does this mean Transfer family support to transfer files from S3 to external servers outside of AWS?

Providing my use case for better understanding: I need to transfer large files like 70-80 Gb to external server using Akamai NetStorage.

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AWS Transfer Family provides you with a managed FTP, FTPS, and SFTP access point to S3 and EFS (https://aws.amazon.com/aws-transfer-family/)

The blog article you provided shows the workflows you can trigger once files have been uploaded via these endpoints but I understand from your text that you have an application creating a large file on S3 with then has to be uploaded to Akamai NetStorage. From what I can see in the Akamai documentation there is no way to tell them to fetch the file form a remote server, instead you have to push the file there actively via multiple ways (https://techdocs.akamai.com/netstorage/docs/use-rsync), which would be the other way round.

In that case it would probably make more sense to publish the file on EFS instead of S3 and launch a container with the necessary tools installed to upload the file to Akamai. Or, if you are bound to S3 to either mount it as a file system or download the file to a temporary volume first.

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Hi! You can use AWS Transfer Family's SFTP connector offering to transfer files from S3 to external SFTP servers. Please find some documentation here - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/transfer/latest/userguide/creating-connectors.html

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