403 Forbidden issue from Lambda accessing Opensearch API


Hello Everyone, I have a lambda function which will be triggered based on Dynamodb events. My lambda will push the document received from the dynamo to Opensearch using its API. The setup worked fine but it started throwing 403 forbidden errors from last 3 days. Please help if anyone faced similar issues. Thanks!

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403 Forbidden occurs due to :-

  1. index_create_block_exception
  2. Issue with Access policy

As you already mentioned that the setup was working fine previously but started throwing 403 forbidden errors from last 3 days. Therefore, it could be due to "index_create_block_exception".

Thus, in-order to fix this issue kindly refer to documentation here and check :-

If your cluster is not having any of the above-mentioned issues. Kindly check the exact error and see if it is similar to blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/10/cluster create-index blocked (api)] or if it is due to Access policy issue.

Thank you!

answered 2 years ago

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