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In AWS organization using control tower, we are trying to utilize the Security hub, couple of observations is even though we designate a member as Delegated admin account, we are observing limitations like we can't enable/disable a given security standard/control across all member accounts, and can enable/disable the security hub across multiple regions. This could have been very useful feature for customer as they scale in number of aws accounts get created via AFT.

I am looking for guidance if this can be achieved via Infrastructure as code through terraform so that we can automate and scale instead of depending on manual update via scripts each time across n number of accounts and managing the state .


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Here is a blog showing you how to automate enabling a Security Hub standard across your org using CloudFormation StackSets.

You can create the StackSet with Terraform.

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answered 8 months ago

This blog will show you how to use CloudFormation StackSets to automate the deployment of a Security Hub standard across your organization.

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answered a month ago
  • Thanks this is very useful.


I don't know about Terraform but you can use CloudFormation StackSets applied to the Organization so stacks are created automatically as accounts are added. You'd still need to take action to add new Regions though.

answered 8 months ago

We are using this solution for disabling and enabling the controls for members' accounts. It is working really well

answered 7 months ago

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