I am looking for support to delete a snapshot


Currently i am using AWS free tire accounts and where I had created an AMI for Auto scaling practices. after completing my practices i have deleted .Instances, AMI ID, and auto scaling group, but unable to delete Snapshot when i am going to delete the snapshot showing the error like ""*Failed to delete snapshot Couse it is currently use. where it is use .

Please help me to delete the snapshot

I am available e to reach out Md Riad Mahmud XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com

*Edit: Removed customer phone number and email — Randi S.

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Accoridng to your question, I understand that you are having trouble with deleting EBS snapshot which is created by AMI.

Straight to the point, the reason of your issue is that you have disabled AMI in advance of deregisteration.

Therefore you could not remove AMI with the message below:

"Failed to delete snapshot. It is currently in use"


  • Disabled AMI before deregister


  • Cannot delete AMI (Message: "Failed to delete snapshot. It is currently in use")


In order to remove the snapshot, please follow the steps below:

  1. You can find your disabled images by following steps:

    • [EC2] > [AMI] > "Disabled images" select
    • Disabled images
  2. Select the AMI to deregister, and select [Actions] > "Enable AMI"

  3. Select [EC2] > [AMI] > "Owned by me", and select [Actions] > "Deregister AMI"

  4. After the steps above, you can finally delete the snapshot.

If I have missed anything or answered wrong, please feel free to ask me again. Also you have any questions, comment please!

[+] Why do I get the error "The snapshot is currently in use by an AMI" when I try to delete my EBS snapshot? (re:Post Knowledge Center)(ENG)

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In order to delete an AMI, firstly you must deregister the AMI, and after that, delete the snapshot.


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  • I have deleted the AMI before deregister, now how can i delete snapshot

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