Issues with the AWS Media Convert service causing transcoded files to be over 370MB size


Hi all,

We use transcoding as part of our data retention process and we are experiencing issues with the AWS Media Convert service that recently has been causing some transcoded files to be 370MB big. The original files are 2MB at most. The output files are being also generated with over 20 hours long videos with a frozen image.

There's been 3 cases since the 27th Monday and it's causing problems with our client. Would someone know what might the root cause or know how we could fix it?


Poliana Sato

asked a year ago384 views
1 Answer

This seems to indicate a problem with the source file, and perhaps, causing an issue with the MediaConvert transcode. Please submit an AWS Support ticket for MediaConvert and include the job IDs that had this issue and regions where they were run.

answered a year ago

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