In my Amazon Interactive Video Services RealTime Streaming, is it possible to have someone, besides myself, host a "stage"?


In my Amazon Interactive Video Services RealTime Streaming, is it possible to have someone, besides myself, host a "stage"?

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Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) is a managed live streaming solution that is built on the same technology as Twitch. IVS makes it easy to set up, stream, and replay live videos with low latencies.

The concept of a "host" in the context of traditional video conferencing platforms, where a host can control the meeting, participants, and other settings, is not inherently part of the IVS model. IVS is more about broadcasting a stream to an audience rather than interactive video conferencing.

However, if by "hosting a stage" you mean the ability for someone else to broadcast a stream to your IVS channel, then yes, it's possible. Here's how you can achieve it:

1. Stream Key: In IVS, the ability to stream to a channel is governed by the stream key. Whoever has the stream key can broadcast to that channel.

  • If you want someone else to host or broadcast, you can provide them with the stream key for your IVS channel.
  • They can then configure their broadcasting software (e.g., OBS, Streamlabs) with that stream key to start streaming to your IVS channel.

2. Security Considerations:

  • Be cautious about sharing your stream key. Anyone with the key can stream to your channel.
  • If you ever need to revoke access, you can regenerate the stream key from the IVS console, which will invalidate the old key.

3. Multiple Broadcasters:

  • As I know, IVS does not support having multiple simultaneous broadcasters on a single channel. If you need to switch between different broadcasters, each one would need to start and stop their stream in sequence, using the same stream key.

If you're looking for more interactive features or the ability to have multiple hosts in a more collaborative setting, you might need to integrate IVS with other services or explore different platforms.

Always refer to the official AWS IVS documentation or AWS updates for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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When using the Stages feature in Amazon IVS, there is not a linkage between the IVS channel owner and a host. Tokens can be issued to allow publishing and subscribing to a Stage by others. The implementer of the IVS channel experience, and the protections around it, decides how to allow or restrict hosting abilities.

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