I have moved my domain to another account, I have created the hosted zone but it does not forward to my ec2 instance and not to my load balancer


I moved my domain that I bought route 53 to another aws account through Terminal-CMD, it worked perfectly, I created the zones hosted on router 53, but when I create the type A record so that my ec2 instance appears when they search for my domain on the internet it does not appear Nothing, it just gives me an error and adding the load balancer doesn't work either, it doesn't work with a static IP, balancer or latency. I don't know what to do anymore, I need help. I am very new to aws.

  • Please provide your domain name, and the name of the A record you have created?

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Hi, I am Abhi from AWS. As Max mentions, can you please provide the hosted zone name, records not resolving, error that you are getting, dig and dig +trace output for the records not resolving? Is there a record which is resolving? If yes, dig and dig +trace output of that will help too.

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answered 8 months ago

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