Moved domain from another aws account can't be connected to newly created ssl certificates


Hello, today morning I moved one domain from one aws account to another. Unfortunately I didn't move name servers. So it means that I had a differnece between that what I had in my domain details under name servers section and hosted zone assosiated with my domain (under new aws account, the one to which domain was moved).

Now, when I want to create a certificate SSL via ACM service for that moved domain, all the time I have pending status under that certificate even CNAMEs are assosiated with a domain under hosted zones in Route 53 service.

Anyone can suggest me what I had done wrong and how can I change it for my SSL certificates to be active within my domain?

Remarks: I already did steps like:

**Have you ensured that you have nameservers configured on the new account?

Go to the Registered domains page on Route 53 Web Console. Select the domain to check the detail. Check the values of Name servers property. Configure the value of Name servers to the name servers of the hosted zone that you newly created.**

What it means I went to Registered domains and adjusted hosted zones with new values, but still after quite long time certificates are still unreachable to connect.

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answered 2 months ago

All four name server records in the registered domain

Need to match the name server records in the hosted zone

These are the steps that need to be followed transfer a domain from one AWS account to another

Please check and double-check that you followed all of these steps. And as advised

If you have issues when you transfer a domain, then contact AWS Support to transfer a domain.

Even if you're on a Basic Support plan (which would preclude you from raising a support call most of the time) you can still do so under Account and Billing -> Service: Billing -> Category: Domain Registration Issue (note that the link in that knowledge document will pre-fill these for you)

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answered 2 months ago

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