Seeking Advice on Utilizing Migration Evaluator for AWS Migration Business Cases


Hi, I'm reaching out to seek some guidance and advice from fellow members regarding the use of Migration Evaluator in AWS migration projects.

I have noticed an increasing number of customers expressing interest in migrating from on-premise environments to AWS cloud solutions.

To better assist the clients in making informed decisions and building robust business cases for migration, I have been exploring various tools and services provided by AWS. I am particularly interested in leveraging the Migration Evaluator to enhance our offerings and provide more comprehensive support to our clients.

Could anyone in the community share their experiences or insights on how to effectively incorporate the Migration Evaluator into our approach? I am keen to learn about best practices, tips, and any considerations that could help us optimize our migration projects and better serve our clients.

Additionally, I have a question about accessing the Migration Evaluator. While I understand that we need to request access via AWS, I'm unsure about the process of using it for our customers. Any clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Migration Evaluator is a tool that can help the customer creating a directional business case. I am not sure where it fits in your approach, but in the AWS Migration Methodology is part of the Assess phase to support the customer decision to migrate. You can use the Migration Evaluator collector to automatically get the inventory or you can import the data using a flat file if you customer already have the data or don't want to install the collector. Using migration evaluator you can also receive a Microsoft licensing assessment and recommendations on how to use existing licenses at AWS through Microsoft SQL core optimisation and dedicated hosts. You will obtain your assessment data within 48 hours via Quick Insights report after installing Migration Evaluator and obtain a business case within few business days upon completion of data collection

You can request the assessment via AWS or via an AWS Partner. You will receive an invite to access the Migration Evaluator console from there you can download the collector and manage the engagement.

Hope this can help

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  • Thanks for the answer, really helpful. I am trying to receive invite from AWS to access the Migration evaluator console.


In addition to the above answer please make note of the below points.

  1. ME supports x86 based architecture . AIX servers are not supported .
  2. Migration Evaluator assessment is complimentary to both partners and customers.
  3. To run ME collector you will need a Windows Server 2016 or above (physical, virtual or AWS EC2 instance).
  4. ME runs in an managed account, you can't run the service in your own aws account .
  5. You can reach aws ME team on to trigger an assessment. Or you can contact AWS partners directly as mentioned in above answer.
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