transferred a domain from GoDaddy to Route 53 and now I can't use it


I'm getting a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error when I try to access my website
I purchased support yesterday and I'm still waiting on someone to be assigned to my issue

I've read all I can read and not harm myself or others.

I don't know what to ask or who to ask.

Is anyone familiar with this issue or knows where I should look for clarity?


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Name servers appear in three places, and typically they should all be in synch:
~ The name servers that Route 53 assigns to a hosted zone when you create it. These are the "master" name servers and cannot be changed. Name servers in the other locations usually match these.
~ The name servers in the NS record in the hosted zone.
~ The name servers that are associated with the domain registration. These are the name servers that control which DNS configuration is in use.

For, the "master" name servers match the name servers in the NS record, but the name servers in the domain registration are different.

To fix that, do the following:

  1. Get the name servers that Route 53 assigned to the hosted zone when you created it. See "Getting the Name Servers for a Public Hosted Zone" in the Route 53 Developer Guide:

  1. Update the domain registration to use the four name servers that you got in step 1. See "Adding or Changing Name Servers and Glue Records for a Domain":

After you finish, it will take a couple of days for you to be able to see your website again because DNS resolvers typically cache the names of name servers for two days. (Folks who use different DNS resolvers will be able to see your website as soon as you make the change. You might also be able to see your website from your phone.) For an overview of how DNS works, including the part about resolver caching, see "How Amazon Route 53 routes traffic for your domain":


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Thank you so much. Truly!
I have updated the name servers, and I'll wait now. :)

Just having the information makes all the difference.



answered 3 years ago

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