The network interface is lost after the instance is restarted, and the elastic IP address is lost


I received an email from Amazon and was informed that the instance scheduled for retirement. After I started the instance, I found that the network interface, security group, and elastic IP information associated with the instance could not be found.(The instance was officially stop by Amazon)

How can I find my information back.

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The trick with IP addresses and EC2 instances is that the auto-assigned Public IPs will be lost on restart. To ensure you maintain possession of a specific IP address, you need to allocate the EIP with public address first. Then you create the EC2 instance and associate it to the already allocated EIP. This IP can now be durable across restarts and even be moved to another EC2 instance The section on public IPv4 addresses will be a good read for a more detailed explanation.

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answered 10 months ago

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