Not able to create t4g.small ec2 type instance in mumbai local zone


Hi there I am not able to create** t4g.small** ec2 type instance in a new Mumbai local zone even though it is available for selection in the UI. I get a generic error message that "requested configuration is not supported". It does not specifically say that ** specific instance type is not supported **which is difficult to diagnose the issue.

a)Is there is a documentation link which provides details about graviton supported local zone in different regions & availability zones?

b)Is it possible to throw appropriate error message on the console as PR?

selection page

Error page

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You can check the available instance types by opening the URL below and sorting by "ap-south-1-ccu-1".
As far as I can see from this list, "t4g.small" cannot be used.

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answered 6 months ago
  • Few points:

    1. You may have selected incorrect instance type & hence you may not be seeing available. Its in fact available in Mumbai region. Type "t4g.small" in the search box.
    2. I am able to create an instance of that type and use it in Mumbai region in default AZs. Only when i enable Local Zone in Culcutta , even though i am able to select instance from dropdown in Console UI, at final stage , it throws error. This query is about this specific issue and how to make UI more user-friendly.

Local zones have much limited set of services and instance types than their parents zones. For ap-south-1-ccu-1a you can only deploy instances from T3, C5, R5, G4dn, and M5 -families, using gp2 EBS volumes.


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answered 6 months ago
  • Thanks Kallu for the link about local zone features. .

    It looks like Graviton processor is not supported yet for any Local Zone. I would like any AWS Official to confirm this first part of my query.

    2nd part of my query was regarding "error message". It could have been more explicit as to indicate the cause of failure.

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