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So I was just charged for the Directory Service in December. To solve this, I tried to delete my unused directory and ran into some issues:

  1. In Workspaces my directory appears but when I click on the [WORKSPACE_DIRECTORY_ID] I get "directory not found".
  2. In Directory Service I see the directory -which only has "Amazon Workspaces Application Manager" enabled... but I can't delete it because I must "Remove all application assignments from Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager."
  3. Clicking on the Amazon Workspaces Application Manager link brings me to a 404 page.
  4. In Networking and Security, I see that there's a VPC attached to the directory... so I tried to delete that and can't because it's attached to network interfaces.
  5. I can't detach the network interfaces because "You do not have permission to access the specified resource." I can't delete these because "Network interface is currently in use and is of type "interface". Possible owning resource is [WORKSPACE_DIRECTORY_ID]

So I now feel like I've come around full circle on the inability to delete this.... I can't delete the directory because it's attached to an application (presumably attached to the vpc resources) and I can't delete the VPC resources because they're attached to the directory.

The closest topic I've seen is this:

However, I don't have the plan to allow me to open a technical support case... so I'm now getting charged for something that I can't remove.

Can someone possibly help me with this?

1 Answer

Submit a billing request, no support plan is required for that, saying you don't want to be charged for the Directory. Support will then need to cut a ticket to the Directory Service team to manually remove "Amazon Workspaces Application Manager" from your directory. Once that is complete you will be able to delete the directory.

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answered 5 months ago
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