Unable to upgrade Engine version


I would like to upgrade my Aurora postgreSQL engine version to the newest one but on my list I cannot select any option Enter image description here

Below I can find information: "To see more versions, modify the capacity types. " but if I click on the link there is a white page without any informationEnter image description here

What do I have to do to unlock more options?

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FYI: because it's serverless v1 version

"If you want to use Aurora PostgreSQL for your Aurora Serverless v1 DB cluster, you can choose among Aurora PostgreSQL 11-compatible and 13-compatible versions. Minor releases for Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition include only changes that are backward-compatible. Your Aurora Serverless v1 DB cluster is transparently upgraded when an Aurora PostgreSQL minor release becomes available for Aurora Serverless v1 in your AWS Region."

answered 2 months ago
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