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New to AWS and looking for guidance if the 'AWS always Free Tier' can be used for Website Development purposes. I intend to use the 'Always Free Tier' for development purposes only; Move it to Paid AWS tier for production use.

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I think it would be difficult to develop and host WordPress using only "AWS always Free Tier".
With only "AWS always Free Tier", there is no server (EC2, Lightsail, ECS) to host WordPress.
If it is "12 Months Free", you can use EC2.*all&awsf.Free%20Tier%20Categories=*all

So, if you are using something like EC2 as your development environment, why not create a new AWS account and use the 12-month free tier?

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answered a month ago
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  • Thanks Riku. Is it not possible to install Apache Tomcat on the 'Always Free Tier' or transfer files with ftp? Again, only for development purposes.

  • There are no AWS services that allow you to install Apache or Tomcat under the "Always Free Tier".

  • Got it Roku.

    Does the always Free Tier allow transferring of files through ftp? Am I wrong in considering that the 'Always Free Tier' provides access to a virtual machine where EC2, Lightsail are installed? Are EC2 and lighsail web application servers? Can I run python on EC2 and Lightsail?

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