Need Urgent help I want to do name change for my certification profile as I have my exam in few days please help



I have my AWS AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam scheduled on 24 Dec 2023 at 14.45. This is an online proctored exam managed by Pearson VUE. Candidate ID: AWS0xxxxxxx Registration ID: 4663929xxx

On my Pancard my name is C YOGESH and On the AWS Training & Certification account, Since the both fields are mandatory in the form it is added as below, First name (Given name): Yogesh Last name (Surname): CHINTHALA

But I need as First Name: C last name: Yogesh

I have already raised the Customer Support request to update my name but I have not received any response yet. Is there any method to get it resolved urgently? I have 4 days left from the examination time. Please let me know if my request will be resolved by then or I will need to reschedule my exam?


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Hi Chinthala,

I think you should delete/censor your candidate & registration id here, since it is publicly visible from the whole internet.

Other than that, certmetric forwards you to this support regarding namechanges:

If they don't answer you, you could try to contact PersonVue Support, they offer a livechat. A link to that chat should be in the mail you get/got from PearsonVue for your certification appointment. So maybe you just contact them through livechat and ask them what to do. I have good experience with them, they resheduled already 3 exams for me during exam, because I was not able to join it in time (their launcher is not the best).

Sincerley Heiko

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  • Got my issue resolved from aws support team Thank you

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