How do I tell what a service is doing and how do I terminate it?


I signed up for AWS a few months ago when I was trying to resolve an issue that got solved another way. I've received the email notifying me that Free Tier is ending, so I want to terminate the service, which is a Route 53 Hosted Zone. I am a complete newbie here, and so I need to find out how to:

  1. Tell what the activity on that service is (there seems to be none, as the charge is $.50 per month),
  2. Terminate the service. I've read the article on how to find and terminate resources, but nothing on my Billing Console is exactly how it's described in the article, and I don't see any option to terminate a service.

I've followed the directions in the referenced articles in the email, and now seem to be in a loop. Any help is appreciated.

1 Answer

Route 53 is the service and hosted zone is like a container for records. If you look into route 53 service you may find either a public hosted zone or a private hosted zone that's most likely been created. If you look into the Amazon Route 53 pricing page you'll find it costs you - $0.50 per hosted zone / month for the first 25 hosted zones.

Have a look into this developers guide which provides you details on public & private hosted zones and how to go about creating, modifying or deleting them.

answered a year ago

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