How to create AWS IoT Core Topic with AWS Console


How to create AWS IoT Core Topic with AWS Console? I asked Amazon Q and got the below response but apparently no such option in the AWS Console for AWS IoT Core.

Response from Amazon Q:

To create an AWS IoT Core topic, you can use the AWS IoT console or an AWS SDK. Here are the basic steps using the AWS IoT console: [1]

Sign in to the AWS IoT console and choose "Manage" then "Topics" from the left navigation menu. Choose "Create topic" and provide a name for the topic. Topic names must be unique within your AWS account. [2] Optionally provide a display name which is how the topic will appear in the console. Choose "Create topic" to finish.

The topic will now be available for devices and applications to publish messages to. You can also subscribe to the topic to receive published messages

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While I cannot comment on Amazon Q's answer (but will bring up to that team), there is no need to pre-create topics in AWS IoT.

AWS IoT Core utilizes a ephemeral topic namespace per AWS account, and as such, topics don't need to be created per-se. When an MQTT client publishes on any topic such a foo/bar, the message is delivered to AWS IoT Core, and then delivered to any other MQTT client that is subscribed to that same topic. By default, if there are no subscribers, the message is published and discards (due to no subscribers). Note that there are also reserved topics that can be leveraged to interact with other AWS IoT features through normal MQTT publish/subscribe patterns.

You can use persistent sessions or retained messages if there is the need to publish messages to a topic and later have a subscriber receive them.

I would also suggest reviewing the Designing MQTT Topics for AWS Whitepaper to best utilize designing topics on AWS IoT Core.

Please let us know if this answers your question.

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  • How will I integrate an AWS IoT Topic as a target for AWS EventBridge so I will get the Events in AWS IoT Core Topic? I assumed AWS EventBridge will ask for the AWS IoT Core Topic name if I would like to integrate n AWS IoT Topic as a target for AWS EventBridge.

  • This AWS sample demonstrates how to pipe EventBridge messages to AWS IoT Core.

  • EventBridge doesn't have MQTT (AWS IoT Core) as a target type, and the same is true for IoT Core to EventBridge. To integrate you can use a Lambda function between the two services. Figure 2 in this blog post shows the relationship in both directions. I'll post a separate AWS Samples example in another comment.

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