Cloudformation stack creation fails upon reaching sqs queue creation


Enter image description here Hi all. I am using a cloud formation template to create some resources in my aws account. All the aws resources in the template are getting created successfully but when it creates sqs queue it always fails. I have tried running the same template in different aws accounts but its failing in all the accounts. Its a wierd behaviour as just this morning I successfully created a stack in one of the accounts but its failing since then. Can someone help me troubleshoot this issue? Enter image description here

  • Could you post an excerpt from your CloudFormation template? There's not a lot to go on here.

  • added the template section which creates queue and queue policy

  • Thanks - and what region are you using? I'd note that the best course of action here is to raise a support case because what we're doing here is trying to narrow down the cause and the support team can do that much easier.

1 Answer

I've successfully debugged CloudFormation errors by checking from CloudTrail which actual API call has caused the issue.

Go to event history, select Event Name from dropdown and narrow down results based on timestamp from failing event in CloudFormation stack.

Pekka K
answered a year ago

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