Efficiencies with Backup Vaults for AWS Backups


I am creating backup vaults in AWS Backups for our various resources (RDS, S3, and others). It's going well. However, I was curious - if I create two backup vaults for a single resources (e.g. Snapshots Vault, Continuous Vault) is that inefficient? Is there reasons I should/should not do it that way - additional costs, inefficiency in backup, something else?

(Note: The above is just an example. I have more specific reasons why I might break it out that way, but I didn't want to spell all that out here.)

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I understand that you are curious about how backups work on AWS. You can create multiple backups but keep in mind that you will be charged accordingly. For example, you can create a backup for S3 and one for RDS, in this scenario you will be charged for both backups. Moreover, if you decide to create two backups of the same resource then again you will be charged for both. So, it really comes down to want your needs are.

I have included these two resources regarding to how backups work and also the pricing.

  1. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/aws-backup/latest/devguide/about-backup-plans.html
  2. https://aws.amazon.com/backup/pricing/

I hope this helps.

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