New to AWS - Cannot access super admin on our Word Press account


Hello, I am taking over the development of our website and was given the AWS login information as the "host" of our site, however, we have our domain through Go Daddy and our site is designed with DIVI on We cannot locate the super admin account and have run circles looking for answers. I'm told it could possibly be retrieved with PHPMYADMIN or a host of other ways, but I'm running into a brick wall at every turn. Can someone PLEASE help me get the answers I need. I'm pulling my hair out at this point. The end goal is to have access to the appearance and menu configuration in our WordPress instance. The login I currently have is limited. This must have been done by a previous "hired contractor" and held hostage from the company. Thank you in advance!

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Is it possible to log directly into the database (MySQL, etc.) used by WordPress?
If you cannot log in to the administrator screen, you will need to change it from the WordPress database.

Alternatively, if you can access Lightsail via SSH etc., you may be able to use the steps in the document below.

I think the most reliable way is to ask the "hired contractor" for the password.

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answered 2 months ago

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