How can I configure my S3 bucket to have a custom domain like for serving images on my website


I'm looking to enhance the performance of my website,, by optimizing the delivery of images through Amazon S3. Currently, I am using an S3 bucket to store these images, but I want to customize the S3 bucket URL to something like for a more branded and streamlined experience.

Could you guide me through the steps on how to achieve this? I want to ensure that when users access images on my website, they are served seamlessly from a custom domain like associated with the S3 bucket. Your assistance in configuring this setup would be greatly appreciated.

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In that case, I think it would be a good idea to edit CloudFront's OAC and S3 bucket policy to publish the images.

Please check the following document for detailed setting method.

Please check the following documentation to set up your domain on CloudFront.

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