How to deactivate AWS Glue trigger using CDK?


I have created a glue trigger using cdk. My question is how can I deactivate this trigger using CDK. Here is my code -

const myTrigger = new CfnTrigger(this,`my-trigger-dev`, {
            name: `trigger_name`,
            schedule: "cron(0 16 * * ? *)",
            type: "SCHEDULED",
            startOnCreation: (props.scheduler === true) ? true : false,
            actions: [
                jobName: `My-Test-Job`
            workflowName: 'MyTestWorkflow,

Please help me with your valuable feedback. Thank you.

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"startOnCreation" is a setting to automatically start when creating a trigger.
Changing this setting to "false" for an existing trigger will not disable the trigger.

So, how about stopping it from the AWS CLI or management console?

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answered a month ago

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