AWS QuickSight analysis customization and creation as CDK code


Hello, I have been trying to automate the deployment of a QuickSight analysis using CDK code and I'm having troubles configuring the filters of the analysis. Specifically, I have a relative dates filter in the the analysis template, while trying to use various filter properties (ex: FilterProperty(), RelativeDatesFilterProperty) under the Cfn.Analysis class to change the specific configurations of the filter. Are there any workarounds for reducing the need for a QuickSight template or are L2 constructs unsupported in the CDK as of right now?

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In my experience, starting off with CDK is futile and an exercise in frustration.

My winning approach has been to do everything thru the UI, and then use the asset export feature to dump the configuration into CloudFormation JSON. Then use CfnInclude to load up the template from the file. At this point, you can just deploy it as-is. But sometimes I also use the CDK interface to manipulate the existing template to my needs.

This approach is also not perfect, and asset export is also full of bugs, where freshly exported templates will not deploy (will not pass validation). Still, usually, most errors are pretty obvious and with minimal JSON editing you can get it to work and deploy.

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answered 6 months ago

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